Who and what are Gatekeepers? And how mastering them can benefit You in life?

Every time You get a “big” career opportunity You sabotage Yourself by thinking of bullshit excuses why You can’t do it?

A romantic interest finally presents itself and wants to take things further, and You panic, think of some reasons why they are not “right for You”?

All the while being jealous of others for “having it all”? Congratulations, the Gatekeepers got their hold on Your psyche.

What are gatekeepers?

Just to be clear, we are going for the meaning within spirituality, metaphysics, psychology. There are other meanings for gatekeepers within different contexts. The following is a more deeper meaning of Gatekeepers.

Gatekeepers always show up when we are about to make a big shift in the following areas of our lives(for example):





Overall shift in consciousness


They are our beliefs, behavioral patterns, energies from the past.

They are the ones who are standing between us and what we actually want in life.

Like anything, in the end they are there to serve us and teach us. But sometimes through suffering and failure.

They are those thoughts of “I’m not good enough for this and I will sabotage myself before I even start. You can’t do this, don’t even try. You will fail and they will laugh at You.”

They show up just before You are about to get what You want. They are the voices who whisper “You suck, who are You to do this? Everyone else is better than You and they belong here. You don’t. Go back to playing small and living the life of someone else!”

Will You stand up to them? And start to master them?

Or will You give in to their will and Your own pain?

Ian Altosaar

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