Your greatest SEXUAL desire

I looked at her.

With quiet nervousness I had been preparing for this moment.

It wasn’t that I was not ready to ask or afraid of the answer.

The question itself felt strangely unnerving, different to what I had been used to asking her.

I looked at her once more, she was getting antsy “What is it?” She asked me at the same time scared that it was something to do with her.

“What is Your greatest sexual desire?” I asked abruptly.

Her jaw dropped and I could see her getting uncomfortable, yet at the same time curious and open. Nobody had asked her that before.

I continued “I don’t care if it’s being with other men, women, or something else that is really off the “norms”, I really want to know, I really want You to be free. I give You full permission to express it if You require that. I promise that I won’t get jealous, will be calm and just listen.” “I want You to be free,” I repeated.

Still nervous she gave me a sly gaze, almost preparing to say something. “I don’t know,” she replied.

I could see she was lying but it was more than that, she was afraid that it was too much, it was too shameful or slutty even, her desire.

“Whatever it is, You can tell me. I promise it’s ok and I will still love You and want to be with You.”

She felt calmer after I said that.

“Well, I’ve always wanted to…”

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Ian Altosaar

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