The Cosmic Adults – Growing in Relationships + Predictions for each sign!

In this week’s episode:

RELATIONSHIPS – why do I keep attracting the same type of partner in all my relationships?

Taking on the relationship role model from our primary caregivers = judgments towards our past pain and parents.

How to make decisions/changes in relationships and partnerships?

A weekly practice to create more intimacy in Your relationships.

Relying on channeling during consultations = how to build trust between Yourself and the Spirit guides. Mercedes shares her practices.

Meeting a handsome Prince and riding off to the sunset = or growing as a human being on planet earth?

Origin story of Ian Altosaar The Freedom Astrologer = bringing the masculine energy into a feminine field.

Doing Your own research as an astrologer.

Not liking predictions as an astrologer = how they mess with the mind of the human?

How to make the changes in Your life right now that will create a different future?

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