A Guide to Understanding Degrees in Astrology

Understanding degrees in astrology is like understanding the subtle sign language that the planets speak through Your natal chart.

It is the sand between Your toes at the beach. When it’s not there, You might not get the full “beach experience”. You can still enjoy the trip but You will lack the full immersion of what it means to truly go to a sandy beach.

It’s the same with the degrees in astrology. You can read a birth chart without them, sure. But You won’t get the full knowledge of what it means to be You!

Many things I wrote in this article I learned from the late Nikola Stojanovic. You can get his book on degrees here and purchase the webinar he did about degrees in astrology here. I also added knowledge and wisdom I have gathered from years and years of looking at charts, as well as working with people through astrology.

Why trust me? I’m a certified astrologer from Astrolada.com, certified coach from Inner-Throne.com, and certified Compassion Key practicioner from Compassionkey.com. With over 10 years experience in astrology, self-development world, and working with people.

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The special meaning behind the degrees in Astrology

When I want the full experience of what the cosmos has to say about my natal chart, I also need to consider the degrees.

Each degree has a meaning behind them, and a sign!

Here are the degrees and their unique significance:

  • 0 degree = the essence of the sign the 0 degrees is in.
    • For example, if You have Venus at 0 degrees of Aries, the degree carries the meaning of Aries. So in You chart, Venus has a double force of Aries behind it!
  • 1 degree = Aries degree.
  • 2 degrees = Taurus degree, and also “the best of” degree.
  • 3 degrees = Gemini degree.
  • 4 degrees = Cancer degree.
  • 5 degrees = Leo degree. “The sexiest and most attractive” degree.
  • 6 degrees = Virgo degree.
  • 7 degrees = Libra degree.
  • 8 degrees = Scorpio degree, and also the “obsession and black magic” degree.
  • 9 degrees = Sagittarius degree.
  • 10 degrees = Capricorn degree.
  • 11 degrees = Aquarius degree.
  • 12 degrees = Pisces degree. But has a special meaning regarding wealth creation.
  • 13 degrees = Aries degree.
  • 14 degrees = Taurus degree.
  • 15 degrees = Gemini degree. The “car accidents degree.”
  • 16 degrees = Cancer degree.
  • 17 degrees = Leo degree.
  • 18 degrees = Virgo degree. The “mean, bad, disease” degree.
  • 19 degrees = Libra degree.
  • 20 degrees = Scorpio degree.
  • 21 degrees = Sagittarius degree.
  • 22 degrees = Capricorn degree. The “to kill or be killed” degree. I also researched Venus at 22 degrees and Mars at 22 degrees.
  • 23 degrees = Aquarius degree.
  • 24 degrees = Pisces degree.
  • 25 degrees = Aries degree.
  • 26 degrees = Taurus degree.
  • 27 degrees = Gemini degree.
  • 28 degrees = Cancer degree.
  • 29 degrees = Leo degree. The “clairvoyance, strong intuition” degree.

How to use the degrees in Astrology?

Now that I have shared the meaning of each degree with You, what to do with this knowledge? How can we read a birth chart with the help of the degrees?

Let us look at a random example.

This “person” has some intriguing degrees represented in the birth chart.

I picked out this chart randomly but You can see Jupiter in the first house and on top of the Ascendant (the 1st house and the Ascendant talk a lot about who the person is and their life path on this planet earth). And at 29 degrees of Pisces!

What could that mean about this person?

Both Jupiter and Pisces already represent clairvoyance, spiritual gifts, access to higher knowledge, and healing energies (among other things.) And when combining it with the “psychic, intuitive” 29 degrees we have an individual who could possess access to spiritual realms. Or who has the potential to be a spiritual healer and teacher.

How to use the degrees even further?

I can even use the degrees in vocational astrology.

The Sun is at 7 degrees (Libra degree), in the 7 house, and in the sign of Scorpio.

How could I translate this into actionable guidance for a person in their life?

First, I can say that this person could be a good relationship counsellor or therapist (Libra and Scorpio). And help couples (Libra) in crisis (Scorpio).

Or even a deal maker or lawyer for companies that are going through mergers or bankruptcies (again Libra and Scorpio).

When there’s so much Libra energy (7 house and 7 degrees) for the Sun (often career and vocation in life), it is better for the person to start using it in their life. Put the degrees (and other influences) into use in material reality.

The person could even become a one-to-one (Libra) therapist (Libra), and use psychology (Scorpio), as well as astrology (more psychological astrology is still ruled or represented by Scorpio) to help their clients.

Is there any sign of an infamous degree in the chart?

Sometimes I notice the more “notorious” degrees as well.

Hopefully, You noticed that Neptune is at 22 degrees (to kill or be killed) in the natal chart!

Does this mean that this person will be killed or murdered? Or will become a killer or murderer themself?


Thankfully it does not work that way.


When I assess the chart from a broader perspective, the person has Sun, Mercury, Venus, and the South node all in Scorpio. And let’s add Neptune at 22 degrees as well to it. What could this mean?

The natal chart promises that the person has a “close relationship” with death. There can be lots of it in their life. Or their profession can even be something to do with grief counselling for example.

22 degrees can also mean that the person has a lot of death in their life. And they are around death in their life more than others.

Summary of the degrees in astrology

Now You should be able to use the degrees and their meanings in Your natal chart readings.

But if You need a refresher on how to read a birth chart, check out my free mini-series on YouTube here.

If You prefer a written approach, You can refer to the meanings of planets and houses by following the links. Here’s an introductory post explaining a lot.

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