A Feat

Image source: Private collection. Kalamaja, Tallinn, Estonia. Painting authors: Margus-Richard Talivee and Bert Norralt.

Things decided, I’m again reminded
The emptiness that lies within
Seemingly trying to grasp whatever possible
Within my reach, like a leach, beast
And I breathe, breathe it inwards
Everything slows down
Naked presence fully embracing me
Safely holding me, glowing in the dark
Like a beacon, I sit and look at my reflection
It’s deep, deeper than I’ve ever known
I’ve been holding Myself down
I breathe, breathe slowly
I can feel the breath, feel it flowing through
Ostensibly nothing with a side dish of everything
Festering, always underneath
I know it’s there, subtle glare
From the inside
I touch it with some tender presence
The sweetness from my soul lets it unfold
I breathe a sigh of relief
And marvel at my feat
Seemingly so neat

In awe

Ian Altosaar

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