A Longer Conversation

Image source: My private collection. Estonia, Pärnumaa, Jaaguranna lillelaager.

Creation can come into fruition in moments
Showing You the life You desperately wanted
It’s close to a miracle
Because it can show You the love You have been withholding
Withholding love starves a man and his surroundings
Allowing it to flow freely
Brings abundance to his reality
But love looks different, it feels different to a lot of people
So the giver and the receiver of the love have to speak the same language
First, a connection has to be built
A deep understanding of one another
Only then love can flow freely
And the language of understanding
Can continue to evolve between the two
This sometimes takes time
An open frame of mind
To see what speaks to the other
What makes them tick, what they deem fit
Then You have the freedom of choosing
Between love and separation
A good thing about choices is that
Having something go by makes it a lot easier
So in the conversation of getting to know one another
Take the time You need
Ask a friend and indeed
Even the forces surrounding Your being
You’ll never know
Some of them might answer
And in that, there is already growth

Ian Altosaar

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