The Now

Image source: My private collection. Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa, lake Tudu.

How do You live with the knowing?
Of a new world that is growing
And an old one in peril

It must be quite overflowing
But the fire inside keeps on glowing
While the shadows in the darkness moaning

Could it be too soon for me?
I still doubt this knowing
But the darkness in me still breathes fire

I know that this can be contained
Channeled into free space
From which I came

I wonder, I ponder
Maybe I dream of a plunder
That is not for me to reveal

The freedom in me still needs
Room to grow
So it could truly roam
The hearts and minds of men

How can we shatter?
Our own selfish desires into matter
So we could finally gather
Each in our own
Mind and soul

Can we choose the humble road?
Of staying true to our own
And honouring those
Who have a mind of their own?

This is how community builds
Breaking of patterns
Changing the things that truly matter
Come home

WE need new structures in place
That honour the space
For the new and for the old
For the young and for the grown
To each their own
Celebrate firm uniqueness
That delivers growth and newness
While honouring those that brought us here

The coming together of these worlds
Is where we can
Ask God
To shower us with love
And sit in the sunsets where men have ridden off before

This is ours
The leader inside us awaken!
Forge us into
The kind and strong human beings
We are meant to

Ian Altosaar

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