A New World Order

Image source: My private collection. Estonia, Pärnumaa.

The times ahead, they are changing. They are changing fast. New times require new measures.
We need commitment to character. Love of self and others, on a deeper, much deeper soul level.
In order for this to happen, we have to grow. Some fast, others slowly. There is a pace that suits each individual.
This means being aware of our lineage, where we come from, where we are and where do we want to go.
I propose a gradual slowing down first, learning about this existence, our surroundings, ourselves and then taking massive action. Or less massive if it’s how You are specifically wired. It is very true in my experience, there is unity in our uniqueness.
We truly have to come together and build bridges, where bridges have been burnt.
This will take massive amounts of courage, commitment, dedication and a deeper honoring of this life.
We need to build communities, strong communities of caring people. And separation between existing communities is being looked at and taken care of. Why have enemies when You can have friends?
How can all of this happen? Learning about ourselves is a good start. Then taking that wisdom and start learning about others. Other people, cultures, energies, worlds, societies. And when the energy has gathered, come together forming stronger and stronger alliances.
Let us take our time in this, build solid foundations where existent ones are shaky. You will know which ones are, because they simply aren’t working anymore.
You will know, deep within Your soul, when this is possible.
Let’s go and hold each other lovingly accountable. Let’s create a new world by honoring and learning from the old. Let’s find a way to come together in all of this.

I have released episode 7 of my podcast. It’s first in the series I call Introduction to Energetics. I hope You have a listen and join me on this journey.

With love

Ian Altosaar

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