A Mighty Grip

Image source: Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa, Obja village.

Have You ever known pain?
Pain the size of a hurricane?
It grips You into it’s mighty grasp
The only thing that will carry You through this
Is the knowing
This too shall pass

The feeling lost years ago
Memories of it still last
I want to hold on to it
But it seems more brighter in the past
I don’ know what to do
I’m lost
Good, this is where You grow the most

Let it untangle You from the echoes of the past
Let it smack You down with it’s mighty hammer of love
It’s only here because it cares for Your gigantic heart
Know now this
You will never be free from it
Does this bring You ease?
Or does it bring You to Your knees?
Or maybe both?
Life has a funny way of doing that
Turn Your heart into a stone
Only so
That You can finally break free from the hold
It has on You
It’s You who has to make the choice
Do I stay?
Or do I go?

I hope You choose well

Ian Altosaar

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