On The Edge of Somewhere

Image source: Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa, Obja village.

To sit on the edge of somewhere
In the great unknown
Is a terrifying place to be
Scary as hell, one might even say

But this is the only things that really exists
Being on the edge of something new
Waiting and yearning for completion
And when it arrives
It starts all over again

In this constant desiring, yearning and moving
We forget who we are
We forget ourselves

It all moves so fast
And truly we want to make it last
But unfortunately the past is the past

Luckily we are intelligent creatures
We are able to observe, recalculate
Watch the turns of life and learn

We can stop and breathe
Fall to our knees
Cross the seven seas

In hopes of coming to the conclusion
That this moment is all we have
Be it happy, miserable or sad

In that our capacity to love grows
We are able to hold
Each other inside of our souls

The way of the peaceful warrior knows
All we were once told
Doesn’t have to be exactly so

Making new dreams for us
In the darkness we quietly sow
A world where light and dark can peacefully glow

Ian Altosaar

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