How my ex convinced me I’m a narcissist and how she was wrong – hard lessons in self-love and emotional maturity

This a cautionary tale for people who are diagnosing others with narcissism. And for people who are truly suffering in abusive situations and doing their best to gather emotional maturity. I see a lot of people giving this diagnosis out left and right, in groups, online, in YouTube video comments, etc. I was recently personally … Read more

How to destroy relationships? „Do You believe that You are lovable?“

An excerpt from a session with the Freedom Astrologer. With permission to share from the participant. Things were getting emotional and confusing. I felt that the issue we were working on was getting further and further away = this You can feel in Your body. It is as if the core issue is right there, … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – Growing in Relationships + Predictions for each sign!

In this week’s episode: RELATIONSHIPS – why do I keep attracting the same type of partner in all my relationships? Taking on the relationship role model from our primary caregivers = judgments towards our past pain and parents. How to make decisions/changes in relationships and partnerships? A weekly practice to create more intimacy in Your … Read more

You Choose

Photo by Sebastian Voortman: In a long term committed relationship. You can choose desire but You choose the phone or computer games (addiction). You can choose connection but You choose shallow conversation with an acquaintance. You can choose commitment but You choose the allure of the stranger. You can choose love but You choose … Read more


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash Commitment is fucking crazy Yet I still do it Commitment means pain and suffering Yet I’m still pulled towards it Commitment means emotion and confinement of desire Yet my soul still burns for it In commitment, people go crazy Yet they still do it Because something within them is calling Broken humans … Read more

A Slow Descend In The Suburbs

Photo by Behzad Soleimanian on Unsplash Have the yearsHave all the years of discontent and disappointmentDiminished Your love for me?Or is there still some left? Have my actions and inactionsCaused Your bitterness?The hurt I sense from YouSeems like an insurmountable wallThat is dividing our cause Has the mistrustYou carry aroundSmashed our love to the ground?I’ve foundPain, when suppressed, … Read more