Can’t SLEEP WELL? Tested & Simple Remedies according to your Sign!

Rolling around sleepless during the middle of the night?

Counting sheep doesn’t help?

Each zodiac sign or person has their unique way of sleeping. This energy comes into play when we step into the bedroom.

Start with Ascendant, then Sun and Moon signs.

Aries can go into fantasy lands when they step into the bedroom, as well as rest can at times be dissolved. Meditation, prayer, and foot-baths are good to induce sleep.

Taurus can be agitated during sleep, or can even have violent dreams at night. Extremely restless in the bedroom. Some of that tension needs to be released during the pre-sleep routine.

Gemini can take a long time to fall asleep and they should have a bedroom pleasing the 5-senses.

Cancers tend to think too much when it’s time to go to sleep. Thoughts can be running in multiple directions. They need a journaling routine!

For the Leo native, sleep is much more cyclical, and emotional issues with current family members can be the cause of the problem. Or even safety (big issue!) and happiness in life.

Virgo can be lazy with going to bed but they are the best sleepers! Rest and sleep is fun for them.

Libra worries about worldly duties and tasks. Even wakes up in the middle of the night and starts planning and organizing the next day. They need to write down their worries into to-do lists and go back to bed!

Scorpio needs their bedroom to be beautiful and have designer elements in it. Harmony must exist in their private space.

Sagittarius needs a dark bedroom and privacy. Don’t let in people who You don’t trust. Dimmed curtains and pre-sleep routine needs to become a “ritual”.

Capricorn has easy access to sleep. Meditation, prayer, reading about philosophy should induce sleep even more. Vivid dreams and messages should be written down.

Aquarius needs a colder room for better sleep and less things in it. Has to be organized with their sleep routine, make the bed when You wake up, keep the room tidy.

Pisces gets a lot of information and downloads during sleep time. Anxiety can be abundant. These messages need to be written down, the night sky painted in the bedroom helps to relax the Pisces native.

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