The Soul Connection Duo Podcast

I just can’t stop podcasting or going on other people’s podcasts…

I visited the Soul Connection Duo, ladies who know a bunch about suffering themselves.

We talked about astrology, suffering, what’s still to come during the rest of 2022, and much more.

Here’s what they had to say about the episode:

Ian shares his story of how certain painful experiences led him to his spiritual awakening and journey to becoming an astrologer. He began by tracking the moon cycles and how it deeply influenced his life and relationships, which led him to dive deeper into this realm. Ian provides us with some insight for what to expect in the remainder of 2022, moon tracking, how suffering can be our greatest teacher, as well as what sun, moon and ascendant signs are and how awareness of these signs and their locations in our birth charts can influence our aspirations and life purpose.


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Ian Altosaar

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