Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, 2022

As the metaphorical and sometimes literal death of Scorpio Full Moon Lunar eclipse draws near, I’m reflecting more and more on the experience of death, as well as the deeper meaning behind it = letting go.

Death itself is a process of letting go.

Grief is a process of letting go of that thing that just died.

We are sometimes as humans more used to grieving the loss of someone, a living human that is now no longer there.

But this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will also see many things within us and outside of us die.

An old job/career, a lover/relationship.

A pattern that has been causing us pain and suffering.

A way we approach life.

A certain chapter in our lives is starting to bring results but yet there’s a feeling of or experience of what was dying there.

And it can also be that we struggle through this. We struggle to let go and grieve those moments that once were.

They seemed so sweet and good = why should they die, and I should let go of them?

We have been taught to fear death, to fear letting go, to fear the new.

What is, seems so much safer, the unknown of death and the unknown of the rebirth for us is extremely scary.

But yet, it’s the most natural thing for us all. And the real and true Scorpionic energy understands this = it is here to teach us that.

Every moment something dies, even if it’s the death of that moment.

It evaporates into the nothingness of spirit.

We can reach for it yes; we can grasp for it and use it.

But the moment, that perfect and specific moment will never be there anymore.

And for us it translates into pain.

Because we don’t know yet if we will ever experience something like this. Or something even better.

The in-between stages are always the most excruciating for us. The time after death and before the Rebirth = Scorpio.

I wish You a pleasant death and letting go.

May You be reborn into something much more magnificent than was before.

Some other manifestations this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse can bring:

Desire to isolate and be alone in privacy.

Sexual desires = more intense than normal.

Subconscious fears = can be afraid but really don’t know what You are afraid of, anxiety because of it.

Fears of robbery, the mob, death, crime in general.

Fear of being controlled.

Wanting to control others and situations in Your life.

Letting go of emotional hurts, past wounds, painful traumas.

Deep connection to Your internal feelings.

Liberation from pain, emotional liberation.

Letting go of controlling situations.

Finding out painful things from the past, then letting them go slowly.

Results with resources coming from others = loans, taxes, finances, inheritance.

Deep insights into Your and other people’s psyches.

Death of an older part of Yourself.

Liberation from stuck patterns.

Piercing intuition and deep seeing.

Wanting to be more in Your private space (especially potent for the build-up and during the eclipse).

Globally also deep matters revealed about resources, resources coming from under the ground (oil and others, and the digging of them).

An emotional time but the tendency here to suppress Your feelings is high. Will only make it harder later.
Emotional reactions towards others.

Manipulation and control instead of emotional mastery.

Emotions become “too much”.

Jealousy, suspicion, deep fears come up to the surface to be cleared and out in the open to be healed (can take this as a negative or positive).

Trauma reactions.

Getting lost in pain.

Having to choose between internal and outer desires = letting go of something and receiving something in the other spectrum or other side of the spectrum.

Shocks to the financial system. (Already happening).

Acts of jealousy (following and obsessing).

Emotionally heavy energy, everything can seem quite bleak = especially regarding society, the problems we are having, and in Your personal emotional life as well. And suppressing them.

Wanting to hold on to old patterns.

Outer and internal emotional blockages coming up that prohibit us from creating out in the world = internal ones need to be released, external ones = need to find ways around them.

Best things to do:

Practice sinking into Your pain and trauma and processing it. The deeper You can go the better, the more You can release the better.

“Am I really experiencing this or is this my pain or fear talking?” = it can be hard to tell the difference.
Go deep into astrology, healing practices.

Release, cry = let go.

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Ian Altosaar

The Freedom Astrologer

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