The Cosmic Adults – How Our Histories Influence Us + Astro Predictions for ALL Signs!

In this week’s episode:

Estonia, and how small and beautiful it is.

The vibration of the Estonian people.

How our countries of origin influence us and how to break away from limiting beliefs associated with them?

A personal story of suffering during WWII in Estonia, and how it influences future generations.

Growing up in the Catholic church and how that influences a human? The shames of sins.

“Women don’t do that. Women can’t do that.” = the limitations growing up as a girl.

Mercedes’s first confession in the Catholic church.

Being aware of jealousy = not suppressing it, allowing and transforming it.

Building up to the difficult Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio + rapid fire predictions for all the signs.

How we don’t know how to use the Scorpionic energy as a society. And what to do about it.

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