Living someone else’s life? “I’m afraid that I will never be loved.”

An excerpt from a session with the Freedom Astrologer. With permission to share from the participant.

He was sitting there; I could already see we were close.

Close to freedom.

The conversation was about fear. Fear of not achieving enough, fear of not doing enough. Fear of always having to do more. And more, and more…

“I feel like I always must do more, and more, and more. Without ever getting anything back!”

This sounded familiar… Unfortunately, in this case my own life story.

“Can You feel it now? This fear relentlessly chasing You?” I asked.

He closed his eyes and replied “Yes, it’s a lot to take. I feel like I’m always anxious because of this.”

“Stay with it.” I meddled.

We sat there for a couple of moments.

I could feel and see from him that he was there, sitting in that fear that had been gripping him for many years. Just I had done just a couple of years earlier.

If You are in this line of work, this happens almost every session. You get to help someone with something You have already went through.

It seemed like he had stayed with the feeling long enough. This is important for the person to understand and get comfortable with it. So that they can later go through this themselves.

“What are You actually afraid of?” I asked daring to push the energy even further.

He was doing great, really in himself and present by that moment.

“I’m not sure, all I know is that I’m really, really afraid. I feel young and small.”

“Are any memories coming to You or images?” I asked.

He paused for a moment but then replied, “Not really, all I can feel is I’m young and really scared.”

This happens quite often; the memory is so suppressed that it’s hard to grasp in the moment. (Often the memories come back to the person after the session.)

“That’s okay. Just stay with the sensation for a little longer.”

Because I had seen this before I knew that there’s no need to rush or push it too much.

Suddenly, I had the inkling to give something to him. This is how spirit or intuition works (You can also say Your spirit guides = suddenly something comes that You have to say or do).

“Are You truly afraid that You will never be loved? And even further, were You never loved properly by Your parents and caregivers? Do You have this deep and excruciating belief of I will never be loved?”

His eyes opened suddenly. I had seen and experienced this myself before. The sweet taste of freedom and liberation arrived in that moment.

Tears, sadness followed.

This is usually where the memories start coming back.

“You are right” he said through the sadness. “They never loved me. They only pretended to love me. All of them. My mother, my father, my grandparents. They all wanted to get something from me.”

He continued after a short pause “I can now see myself as a little boy, all alone. Not loved, not appreciated. All they did was take; all they did was take from me! I was never loved!”

He broke down into tears and grief after that. It is important to allow it.

He was doing awesome, it is usually much harder for men to allow themselves to feel things. Although they have a much deeper capacity to feel darker emotions.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” I just reassured him. Very often this helps the person to feel safe to go even deeper.

Unfortunately, we as humans think it’s not okay to feel our feelings. That is why just saying “It’s okay, it’s okay” will reassure the person that it’s actually okay to feel their feelings and allow grief, as well as sadness into their experience.

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