Meeting Myself

Image source: A painting from my collection called “Unleashing the Dragon from within.”

The never ending feel of darkness
Surrounds me with it’s pearlescent glow

It speaks to me
In tongues of silence

Mother nature
Through a thick lens

The paradox of this
Here’s where I gain the most clarity

Life in it’s purest form
Descends upon the world through nature

Mindful of every corner
Every blink of an eye

Darkness remembers all
Each and every fall

The times when You’ve got up
And those when You have not

Are reminded to You
In the sweet echoes of darkness

You could call it heartless
On the contrary

This is where the true power of Your heart
Is calling for You the loudest

To finally surrender to it’s mighty essence
Kiss it with Your devoted presence

After that moment
You will always have a friend

With powerful surrender

Ian Altosaar

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