Part One

Image source: Obja village, Estonia. Private collection.

How does if feel?
To have everything
Everything You’ve ever wanted
Right there
To be perfectly pleased with everything that is
And still yearn for more
For something else
A deeper desire coming from a place unknown
Rather a place unmapped
Yet intangible
At first it feels unsettling
The mind goes crazy
You have everything You have ever yearned for, desired, wanted
You’ve spent so much time for all this to be Yours
Now You want to let it go?
The deeper place answers
I want to let it all go
I want something else
I want something that’s more true for me right now
The body relaxes and laughter ensues
We’ve made a crack in this now
The mind starts to believe slowly
Gradually affirming this brand new belief into it’s existence
It’s a time consuming process
Take Your time My friend
Calmly climb the ladder and send
Your prayers to the sacred land

To be continued

Ian Altosaar

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