Life’s Core

Image source: Photo by Anata Nsg from Pexels Nicer than usual, the presence is felt In different ways, hooked on sun rays I put my feet on the ground Let it hold me with it’s warmth Greatness surrounds me Power erupts beneath me Looking at it all in it’s magnificence I feel sad and … Read more


Image source: Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya from Pexels Silence is good I’ve learned to appreciate silence In the middle of a crowded city Silence can be just silence Only for the avid listener It shows true gems and truths It is true There are cities that never sleep I wish they would So that … Read more

Sit With My Fucking Soul

Image source: I’m sitting with my fucking soul I’m listening intently what I have to say I’m praying, praying for something I yet do not know I’m living in the unknown, the not knowing is enough to drive me mad It tingles underneath my skin I want to surrender to it Slowly baby, slowly … Read more