Image source: Bestowed upon thee Ravaging my heart and soul Nothing more nothing less I must now confess, stress The fact, my life is a mess Less than I pictured it to be I’m mean, steamed, reeled Concealed in the silence of the trees Is the echo I see in me I admire their … Read more

Does It Really Matter?

Image source: Today is a day to feel empty, to be comfortable with the knowing that it sometimes really doesn’t matter.  And we are the ones who make it matter, in our minds. In our wild stories of success and happiness.  Meaning, depth, memories, rules, stories. Some describe this feeling of nothingness or emptiness … Read more


Image source: This has been boiling inside of me for a long time. I do not yet know what’s the real reason I’m writing this but I feel it needs to be done. I came across an article in my home country of Estonia, where the president of our nation decided to give a … Read more