Claiming Back Our Land

Image source: Private collection The streets are filled with pain Can You understand why this still remains? Loving from each other we still refrain? I have hope that gradually this all will change As I take one step towards Myself Will You take one for Yourself? With me holding You close Come on buddy, I’m … Read more

Breathe for Peace

Image source: Private collection Are there other hearts out there? Fierce heart’s filled with passion With flames of freedom Dancing on the edges of their own power With fire burning in their belly Let’s do our best now Howl at the moon now Lower our head’s and bow You are asking me how? I’ll give … Read more

God’s Presence

Image source: Tip your toes in silence Wiggle them Get a sense of where You’re at Sprinkle on some presence to boot Stillness Shake it, shake it Revel in the sacredness of it Shout it But to Yourself From within From deep inside Salivate over the tastiness Of You Of finally arriving to Yourself … Read more


Image source: Private collection The silky touch of presence Never quite like this before Noticing the inherent Endings of all Death is timeless It lasts and demolishes the past Isn’t this time You ask No, just deep knowing of life As I sense into what is I can truly see Knowing life takes time Might … Read more

Letting Go

Image source: Private collection Sometimes it’s hard to let go Step into the unknown Not knowing seems so uncomfortable Scratching under my skin So I breathe, breathe Breathe and let go One breath at a time Breathing is kind To Myself and others Am I just hurting Myself? An honest question to ask Because I … Read more

The Fire

Image source: Private collection I sit in silence In silence with the fire and the rain Their soothing presence reminds me of the pain The good kind of pain The kind where it’s so beautiful I don’t want to let go And for a while I don’t have to The fire will burn and the … Read more


Image source: There is so much So much beauty in the world If I stop and listen Feel and ponder My heart goes boom! And it’s never the same again My dear friend It seems we are laughing at the world’s end Looking upon something that’s lasts an eternity All borders melt, identities vanish … Read more

The Wind

Image source: Let the wind embrace you Step into it Let it hold you Feel the nurturing essence of life Of nature, taking care of you Looking after you Holding you  As the warmth of the breeze blows through you It is here You are here Love is here With love, Ian Altosaar

The Fight Between The Masculine and The Feminine

Image source: Something I’ve been observing lately within myself and it’s reflected back to me fiercely in outer circumstances. The fight between the masculine and feminine energies. Men fighting men, men fighting women, women fighting women etc. A lot of conflict has happened during the past few months. It’s been there within me, in … Read more

Behind The Bay

Image source: I feel like grabbing my phone I feel it torturing my soul All wrapped nicely with a pretty bow I’m called to the stories untold They grow inside me so Cold sends shivers down my back I can feel it taking control I can only hold on and be bold Molding me … Read more