Sweet Saliva

Image source: The swamps of Estonia. Private collection. Underneath my tongue Sweet saliva My old companion My dear friend I’m reminded of Your importance And the fact that You are so unappreciated I’m finally here now To recognize Your devoted service Your precise signals And Your punctual attendance You have deep meaning That goes unnoticed … Read more

Messenger Wars

Image source: http://www.big-german-grocery.com/Milky-Way-chocolate-bar-9-pcs Once upon a time not so long ago in a galaxy named after a chocolate, it was a time of great innovation, new things and choice. The economy was booming, people were starting up all over the place and You could truly feel the electricity in the air. It might of been … Read more

A Bug’s Life (No, not that one and actually in this story there is more than one bug. Can’t remember if there was more than one bug in that movie. Bug or bugs? Aah fuck it).

Image source: http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/File:A-bugs-life-logo2.png Fade in: Inside an apartment – Night A small but nice apartment near the city center. Hipsterville. A man in his late twenties starts to write in his diary. Ian, a writer, investor,  is sitting behind is desk. He is tall and handsome, with a beard. Narrator (it has to be Morgan … Read more

The Amount Of Bullshit

There is so much So much of bullshit Layers upon layers Who are we really? Does anyone know? I believe some might have a clue Even they suffocate from their own bullshit It’s definitely weighing on me The amount of it all It’s a tad overwhelming Just looking at the teacher’s around They are buckling … Read more

My Morning

Image source: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/running-tips-safe-winter/story?id=36175852 It’s quiet, a man scrapes his window The thickness of the air brushes against My face It’s the only thing not covered My breath quickens I start to move My heavy legs They are tired, carried me around for a while now Mail carrier ladies do their business I think I’m better … Read more