The Cosmic Adults – Being vulnerable in relationships + Predictions for each sign!

In this week’s episode: Hot tips straight from the dating streets! Mercedes shares the story of the worst date ever? Deciding to date someone (or not) simply based on astrological signs – good or bad? The Freedom Astrologer weighs in. (Hint, don’t do it.) How to make decisions in relationships? Why are people scared of … Read more

Vulnerability with the Self – telling Yourself the truth about Yourself

Being vulnerable with others is talked about a lot but not vulnerability with the Self. We bullshit ourselves more than we even know. Constantly, daily, every minute… “I’m doing this job because I like the security and safety it provides for me.” “I’m in this relationship because we have the kids and I feel comfortable … Read more

What I Was Going Through

Image source: Photo by Rodrigo Rodriguez on Unsplash The following was written a while back. I thought about deleting this all together but something changed my mind. I wanted people to see real life struggle, real-life transition, real-life vulnerability and admitting to myself what I’m really going through. I hope this helps You to do the same. Because there … Read more