The week begins with the month long dance of Venus and Mars, the feminine and masculine inside of us (the passive but understanding, the ambitious but rash). The week, as well as the month ahead, are definitely a balancing act between the two.

During the middle of the week, we will experience the Full Moon in Leo with the edginess of the Uranus square, and heaviness of the Saturn opposition. Our creative forces and creation in the material is under pressure, will we break, or will we open our creative hearts to the world and do it anyway?

Uranus and Jupiter trine should give us all the necessary belief to despite the heaviness of the Full Moon go towards our goals and dreams. And it can even suddenly surprise us with some new and meaningful contacts!

As the Sun moves into the sign of Pisces, we are guided towards more behind the scenes creation, and to add creativity (and spirituality) into our projects. I have even noticed personally, whenever I start to speak about Pisces energy the words get all confusing, my head starts spinning, and I get lost in the ethers somewhere…Hang on while I get through my own confusion with the Pisces energy during this video.

Let’s get this!

Ian Altosaar

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