There Are No Meadows Here

Image source: There are no meadows here There is no nobility here Only longing Longing for those things Longing for the dawn to replace the darkness Longing for desire to replace the numbness They are on the other side They are not laughing They are not waiting Lovingly present, Read more…


Some days You don’t have the words to express Yourself. Kid Cudi to the rescue: [youtube] <3 Ian   It’s okay to be exactly where You are in this moment.

To My Woman

Image source: To My Woman, where ever and whoever You might be… I want to fill You up with My sex I want to fill You up with desire I want to see You drip I want to make You beg for it I want to make You wait Read more…

My Desire

Image source: I’m sitting by the fireplace at my families country home. Journaling. Journaling about a specific topic this time. My desire. My desire with women and life in general. When I was first introduced to this exercise the first thing that came up was “I don’t know”. Mostly Read more…


Felt a glow in my heart after watching this. [youtube] Video by Shea Glover. Her channel: <3