Image source: My private collection. Somewhere near Viljandi, Estonia.

To be internally grateful
Adds meaning to this life
To find some of that meaning outside of Yourself
A dark red cherry on top of a cake

Finding something or someone to relate to
Can often take time
And what at times can seem a prison of loneliness
Can turn into a flower in company

To know thyself
Is an ongoing endeavor
To treat oneself
With class and grace
Takes commitment to cause
And some worthy pauses along the way
Time is on our side here
There is much grace in patience
And holding on strong to Your inner knowing and staying true to Your cause
As it is in letting go and surrendering to life’s new vision and wisdom
You can reach for it and wait for it
Embrace life for it after
Let it kiss You on Your forehead
As You bow down before God

Ian Altosaar

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