Image source: My private collection. Somewhere near Viljandi, Estonia.

It is in the newness where the soul resides
It awaits, longing for the return of the king
Or queen
It is always searching
Grasping for new realms
Not yet created
It has always been like this
We are born explorers
Of minds, bodies
New forms of consciousness
Feel the urge in You to grow into fullness
And then reside into Your own emptiness
Commune with the desire to grow
Get to know it, bathe with it
Wrestle with it, until You know
Whatever it is You need to know
This is You
The ever growing, fondly moaning You
Get to know it intimately
The struggle and the joy of feeling old and new
This at times will seem blue
But like glue You must stick to Your own essence
For this is the only thing that has some resemblance
To truth
You might also try to escape it
But such empty fallacies won’t last
Because it keeps on calling Your name
Until You bleed in Your sorrow
Only to rise up vigorously tomorrow
Closing Yourself down won’t help
If only for a second
Because it wants You to know You
It won’t rest
Only if You give it Your best
You will pass the test
Such longing is hard to describe
We as humans are willing to travel miles
Just to get away from the only truth
That resides inside

Ian Altosaar

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