A Journey Through

Image source: My private collection. Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa, Obja village.

There is always light within the dark
But sometimes we as humans succumb to the darker parts of creation
Sometimes the pain we feel or experience is so great
The road through seems desperately far

This is where a strong developed mind comes in handy
It can work miracles
Unfortunately, this takes some emotional processing as well
They are both necessary for us to become healthy humans
Capable of healthy feeling and thought processes
And emotional maturity
This can obviously take many forms
Many years of practice
Accompanied by the belief in the greater good of this experience
I will be honest with You
There is grave darkness in this world
Which in my view cannot only be dealt with positive thinking
Although this helps immensely
We need collective empowerment
This sometimes means going back
And looking at places where we have lost our true power
We need stronger commitments to worthy causes
And nothing is more worthy than ourselves
One of the most hardest commitments I’ve ever had to make was for myself
But the most rewarding of them all
Obviously, like everything else in this world, this is an ongoing process for me
One I’ve had to recommit many times
A hard journey worth taking

Ian Altosaar

Hey dudes/dudettes, how’s it going? I’ve had a rough couple of weeks emotionally and physically myself. Although I’m now feeling much better, it took a toll on my body, mind and soul. It was a difficult time. With many emotional clashes and reconciliations. Like often, I’m grateful for the experience but I would not wish it for someone else. During silent moments like I’m in at the moment of writing this, it feels more clear. Like something is about to shift. It feels premature to write about this in much more detail but the most important things I’ve gotten out of it so far, is the reminder to be very, very honest with myself. In the end that’s the person who counts most. And if radical honesty in the moment is the fact that I’m really disappointed with where I seem to be headed (or even deep disappointment with myself in general) then that is what is necessary. I can save myself a lot of time and emotional turmoil if I finally learn this. But the mind is strong 😀 , it rarely wants to admit defeat. It is very hard to admit to myself that I’m disappointed with myself and the way my life seems to be going. Even if there is actually nothing wrong with my life. Just the sheer action in admitting that to myself brought me great ease. I can slowly feel life returning to me and my body. So I urge You to be honest with Yourself with whatever it is that You are currently experiencing. This might quite literally save Your life.

I’ve released two episodes of the Ask Ian show as well. I hope You enjoy them.

Episode 8  

The second episode of the series I call Introduction to Energetics.

Episode 9  

This episode is about open communication. This is one of the things I personally believe is solely responsible for most (if not all) conflict in the world. Be it in our personal lives or in our society as a whole. We just don’t communicate honestly and openly. In the following episode I give examples of how we can do that. I hope You enjoy this and get something for Your own personal life as well.

Hope all is well with You!


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