Image source: My private collection. Somewhere near Viljandi, Estonia. It is in the newness where the soul resides It awaits, longing for the return of the king Or queen Unfortunately It is always searching Grasping for new realms Not yet created It has always been like this We are born explorers Of minds, bodies New … Read more

The Kingdoms of Men

Image source: My private collection. Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa, near Rakvere. When You allow the fullness of Your being Death becomes okay Now You have experienced everything You have ever wanted And all of Your hearts desires Are here I’m here Echoes in the chambers Of Your kingdom The prince is crowned The king is here Now … Read more


Image source: My private collection. Gran Canaria, Agaete. When am I ready to surrender enough? Enough to let go? Surrender to the pain that drives me To the fire that ignites when I open my eyes On some days it’s harder More difficult to let go Hope for a better tomorrow Let go of all … Read more

As a Man

Image source: My private collection. Estonia, Tallinn, Pääsküla. Sometimes I mess up as a Man As a lover As a friend As a coworker As a son As a businessman I sometimes fail In those moments everything feels so vulnerable The darkness seems so deep That I can barely keep Myself on my feet Life … Read more

Full of Shit

Image source: Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa, Obja village. Basically we are all full of shit and the moment we think we aren’t, life shows us otherwise. All there is left to do is to pray in silence. One of the most powerful places to be is in a constant state of “I don’t know”. Continuously surrendering to … Read more

A Leap of Faith

Image source: Estonia, Lääne Virumaa, Obja village. Private collection. What a leap of faith Dying In one way or another Surrendering to life to that extent That You seize to exist Just pure flow Death of all the identities Structures It takes a skillful and wise man To give himself away like that While staying … Read more