A Story About A Little Boy

Image source: Private collection Let Me tell You a story about a little boy You can say that he was somewhat coy He had blonde hair and love was the language he spoke But life is weird in a way, he could not cope There were feelings he did not understand And true guidance wasn’t … Read more

The Seeker

His everywhere And nowhere Like lightning His alone And together Like berries He wants to be seen And be invisible He can’t be touched Yet he is penetrated by everything He is a mystery And an open book Look To tell You the truth There’s not much You can do In full bloom Behold the … Read more

The Longing

It’s burning Burning inside You You are not sure if it’s You Maybe it’s someone else Seeds that were planted a long time ago Sprouting from the depths of Your being Simmering beneath the surface You want to fight it You want to escape it Run from it Almost paralyzed It’s unbearable You want to … Read more

There Are No Meadows Here

Image source: http://www.hdwallpapers.im/springtime_in_the_meadows-wallpaper.html There are no meadows here There is no nobility here Only longing Longing for those things Longing for the dawn to replace the darkness Longing for desire to replace the numbness They are on the other side They are not laughing They are not waiting Lovingly present, for Your entrance I gaze … Read more

What if

Image source: Winter sunset in Estonia, I can almost feel the heaviness of it all. What if Everything we ever said to each other was a lie What if Everything we ever said to each other was a lie What if Everything we said made us cry This doesn’t apply Sigh Watching life go by … Read more

To My Woman

Image source: http://gabworthy.com/science/weird-habits-that-partners-should-tolerate-in-the-bedroom/ To My Woman, where ever and whoever You might be… I want to fill You up with My sex I want to fill You up with desire I want to see You drip I want to make You beg for it I want to make You wait for it, until You can’t … Read more