How the astrological signs SLEEP?

I was just wrestling there; it was all dark. Thinking about the next day, dreading it. Anxious of it. I couldn’t fall asleep. This had already been going on for a while. You might say a lifetime. Something happens in my life, or a stressful period beckons once more = can’t sleep. Or just repetitive … Read more

Freedom from The Zodiac – Ancient secrets of Astrology revealed

“There is no greater victory, than to fall from this world a free man”. Think You are a Leo Sun and You need to be the center of attention constantly? Or Capricorn Moon and You can’t access Your feelings and emotions? Even better yet, Aquarius and nobody can understand You? And You are even confused … Read more

How to read a birth chart in astrology? Mini-lessons in astrology

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels A couple of weeks ago I started a free series for all people interested in astrology but who yet don’t know much about birth charts, signs, houses, etc. In this video series, I explain the basic concepts on how to read a birth chart and help You build the initial foundations (knowledge … Read more

Astrology – The Science Of Energy

Image source: Photo by Jake Hills on Unsplash I have learned that everything in this universe is energy. And different things have different kinds of energy about them. Even different days. Astrology is an interpretation of that energy. In this article, we will look at the Moon cycle. A cycle that greatly affects our day to day life. These … Read more