The Meaning Book I started writing The Meaning Book in 2015, without knowing I was writing it. It was just something I enjoyed doing. The words came out, I was just there. It also helped me through a difficult time in my life. A dark time emotionally. Getting over a break-up with a woman I cared about … Read more

A New Purpose

I’ve been observing my own life, the lives of those closest to me and our current society for a while. One of my recent observations is that we are actually feeling really empty and meaningless. This may sound very harsh but hear me out. For a while now most of our society has been sold … Read more

Purpose In Action Day 5

Image source: Photo by Riccardo Bresciani from Pexels Sometimes we need some help. Yet we are so afraid to ask for it. I was as well. So I suffered. That’s okay. Suffering teaches us new things. It opens us up to new experiences as well. Just too much of suffering can do harm. So we need … Read more

Purpose In Action Day 4

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. How to express My own experience to others, so that it would speak to them directly. So that it would strike a chord in them and they would receive something out of the interaction. I’ve done different things. Wrote pieces, recorded videos, shared my personal experience. But I have … Read more

Purpose In Action Day 2

After an intense day I still decided to go out and take action. Here’s the video: [youtube] It was hard but it felt good. Hard because I really didn’t want to. Good because I got to do what I really enjoy doing. This is the Purpose In Action course in a nutshell. Good but … Read more

Purpose In Action

Image source: Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash Warning, the following is a sales pitch but it might also save Your life. Not literally but from the bondages of employment. I hope that the beginning was dramatic for You. I only did it because I wanted to capture Your attention. You see I’m playing on the fact that You … Read more

Being Committed To Growth

Image source: Photo by Valentin from Pexels, This is one of the hardest commitments I’ve ever made. And still to this day I sometimes drift in and out of it. Fortunately, I’ve been on this path long enough that it’s easier to get back up after being knocked down. The downside of this is … Read more

In Search For Emotion

Image source: We do most things in life for the sake of feeling something we perceive to be good. An emotional reaction. But actually, we don’t have to do anything to feel a certain kind of emotion. We can just sit and wait. Some call this meditation. Ponder and get clear with ourselves. After that … Read more

The Holy Quest for Meaning

Image source: Meaning The holy quest For glory Deepest yearning Burning So unholy Torn Reborn again Dare to face Your own death and immortality If You are ready to die Means Meaning is nearby That type of surrender is hard to come by A word of warning Death cannot be faked I can’t remember Times … Read more