Image source: http://wallpaperbeta.com/snow_forest_trees_winter_nature_hd-wallpaper-341656/ Darkness my old friend Here we meet once again A deeper feeling that lies within My human mind wants to fend Send You off somewhere far far away I lay Like molded in clay this idea stays Afraid And curious I’m once more Can it be I just want to score? Ignore … Read more

A Short, One-Sided Love Affair

Image source: http://quotesgram.com/wolf-and-moon-quotes/#YX3bDko1G0 It was dark But I was totally awake It was snowing To give contrast to the vast darkness around me Had no idea I was going to meet You But we met We looked at each other It was love at first site Or affection, attraction I could see the depth of … Read more


Image source: https://hdwallpapers.cat/winter_morning_light_sunlight_snow_nature_hd-wallpaper-1279078/ I was awake but I could sense You were asleep You had Your back turned towards me I could hear You breathing, it was quiet I can still remember Your smell It was sweet and soft, creamy It felt like home And away (All the pun intended) I used the bathroom You … Read more


Image source: http://www.ambwallpapers.com/mountains-hd-wallpapers/ I feel fear now The metallic feel of the sensation grabbed me by the throat I’m helpless with it I’m like a kid at a candy store with no money to buy candy It hurts The weight in my arms has doubled They are like wooden thumps, soaked in salty sea water … Read more


Image source: Private collection Can You see the shadows? Can You feel them? Can You hear them? What do they say? Is it hurt they’re expressing? Wonderful Now You see them Now You feel them They are loud! They’re intent isn’t malevolent Oh no Quite the opposite They sing songs of Your past Some might … Read more


Image source: This is me. With and without My bullshit.   As I’m discovering a deeper connection with Myself it’s becoming clearer to me that I madly yearn for connection. Deep soul connection. The yearning is almost unbearable. It’s like something is constantly crawling under Your skin and You want to release it so badly … Read more


Image source: View from the office building I work at during a snowstorm. And suddenly You can see the beauty of it all A guy on the corner speaking french Fuck I love french! The curves of a woman passing by Her coy smile The softness The sensuality of her whole being You want to … Read more

All Life Is Death

Image source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSbtCX-uDEs A grueling concept But when You sit with it long enough A certain ease arises The fighting stops You are still afraid of death But You are clear about the certainty of it I’m not asking You to be okay with it Just sit with it Toy with it Lean on it … Read more

The Dark And Wild Feminine

Image source: Day after the full moon on 25th of December 2015. Lääne-Virumaa, My families country home. At first I stood My ground She made a grueling sound, like a hound I remembered to stand strong and tall But it did not prepare me for the fall Call after call after call My confidence was … Read more

A Story About A Little Boy

Image source: Private collection Let Me tell You a story about a little boy You can say that he was somewhat coy He had blonde hair and love was the language he spoke But life is weird in a way, he could not cope There were feelings he did not understand And true guidance wasn’t … Read more