The Man

For a while, I’ve been feeling like I’m not the man I’m supposed to be. And not by society’s standards, by my own understanding. I’ve been living a lie to some extent. The clothes that I wear make no sense anymore. The work I do feels unfulfilling. The way I show up in my relationships … Read more

Cycles Of Life

There are times in life where everything seems to be reassessed. Things, people, careers, time in general even. These are confusing days, months, on occasion years. We listen but we don’t speak. We cry but the tears do not fall from our eyes. Only kind strangers and friends seem to make sense. Sometimes not even … Read more

Pluto’s Negative and Positive Manifestations and Being the Ruler of Scorpio

Image source: Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash Most astrologer’s credit Mars with the rulership of the sign Scorpio. In my experiences with my own life and observing the lives of others, I can now see that it’s actually Pluto who rules the sign Scorpio. Or the constellation of Scorpio if You wish. About Pluto’s energy. The energy of … Read more

10 Years

What would You do if You knew that You have exactly 10 years to live from this moment onwards? Would You do something differently? Would You change Your life entirely? Would You do something dramatic? Or would You go crazy and party the next 10 years? What would it be? Would You even change anything? … Read more