Part One

Image source: Obja village, Estonia. Private collection. How does if feel? To have everything Everything You’ve ever wanted Right there To be perfectly pleased with everything that is And still yearn for more For something else A deeper desire coming from a place unknown Rather a place unmapped Strong Yet intangible At first it feels …

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Meeting Life

Image source: Near lake Peipsi, Estonia. Private collection. Not knowing what life will bring You Can be a gift and a curse Becoming a master of the unknown A difficult and arduous task Road to mastery usually is And as You bow before the kingdom of heaven Make sure You share Your prayers with hell …

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Love Me

Image source: Private collection Love me Truly Love me Deeply Fill me Openly Thrill me Suddenly Sit with me Quietly Depend on me Lovingly Nurture me Willingly I will take You As You With deep emotion Ian Altosaar

Until I Rise

Image source: It doesn’t really matter Knowing pain is knowing Yourself Why do I choose this? Because it’s sweeter than a woman’s kiss What’s real anymore? Who can I trust? Right on the cusp Standing as I must Believe, believe in Yourself Quiet whispers remain Like the weather just before the rain Going into …

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