A New Dawn

Image source: My private collection. Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa, Obja village. As I’m sitting here And the sun is about to rise I’m looking back at The fires that were lit somewhere Down the line There a churning in my stomach A fire is burning An energy rising I feel a certain lightness taking over my body … Read more

The Knowing

Image source: Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa, Obja village. In all of life There is only one true knowing That will bring You to Your knees in an instant That will humble a man so deep in his own bullshit, he has forgotten who he truly is Death is only an instant away It’s right here If You … Read more

A Leap of Faith

Image source: Estonia, Lääne Virumaa, Obja village. Private collection. What a leap of faith Dying In one way or another Surrendering to life to that extent That You seize to exist Just pure flow Death of all the identities Structures It takes a skillful and wise man To give himself away like that While staying … Read more

The Merger

Image source: http://ainove.com/landscapes-with-trees.html The knowing of pain Will not take it away Getting familiar with it Just increases the sheer volume of Your discomfort But it wont get rid of the agony You experience Oh no You have to treat Your pain like You treat Your lover Slowly discovering the deep intricacies It holds When … Read more

The Night

Image source: A painting from My collection. The shadowy night whispers It’s only objective To call You into it To stop and to take a listen The murmurs of yesterday that still glisten Are You ready? They say To crumble and let go I still hold on but I want to turn into gold Carefully … Read more

A Deeper Desire

Image source: Private collection, Tallinn, Estonia. Authors of the painting: Margus-Richard Talivee and Bert Norralt. Desire For deeper meaning Yearning For true purpose Wanting For simplicity Catching Of identities Diving Into the unknown Seeing Of different realms Running Into the vast openness Fucking Deeply into the depths of the soul Penetrating Sharply through the thickness … Read more


Image source: http://7-themes.com/6966185-nature-autumn-forest.html All of You Every little part The way You brush Your hair behind Your ear The moody noises You make I’m amazed by sheer capacity of You Such character Deep emotion Commitment and heart You make me smile Doing my best to find All there is behind Those big luscious eyes Watching … Read more


Image source: A painting from My collection. The mind races Quick fixes Are it’s thing Peacefully befriending him Takes time The pace only quickens when You let it Set it free to roam the wilderness Outside of You Lovingly be the guide Showing the way back within Knowing is it’s virtue Letting go will hurt … Read more

Your Man

Image source: A painting from my collection. I want to be Your man Not Your therapist or girlfriend I want You Not the shallow ideas and mind games I trust You That You can take care of Yourself I want to be there for You With all Your depth I want deep meaning I know … Read more