The Day I Fell In Love With The Echo Of The Trees

Image source: Picture I took while pondering about the existence of life. Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa. The simplicity of the trees I now can see, feel deep inside Read their language I cannot But I feel the ease of their breeze They are surrendered to life And with that they thrive They move with the wind They … Read more

Ripped From The Hearts Of Men

Image source: Just before sunset, Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa. Picture I took during My walk. Laughing at the skies, remise the disguise of yesterday. Mourn the laughter clinging tightly, nightly to our unhappiness. Togetherness roams romantically across the lands and sweeps up his disciples with a warm embrace. Case in hand, lost and found, roaming around, astounded, … Read more

Cut In All The Right Places

Image source: I see You buddy I see Your pain Like young Michael Caine Your frame But on the inside You perceive Yourself to be stained Enraged You say? Well behaved The hurt still remains You’re afraid to be broken Bad, forever forsaken, taken For granted, enchanted By the outside glamor I’m here to … Read more

Does It Really Matter?

Image source: Today is a day to feel empty, to be comfortable with the knowing that it sometimes really doesn’t matter.  And we are the ones who make it matter, in our minds. In our wild stories of success and happiness.  Meaning, depth, memories, rules, stories. Some describe this feeling of nothingness or emptiness … Read more

We Want To Feel

Image source: A picture I took during My run. Pirita, Estonia. We want to feel so badly So we create different events Competitions, dramas, shows But all we need is ourselves and people in our lives Why won’t we feel then? Why won’t we live our own lives? We are scared, I know I am … Read more

True Masculinity – A Place Where Your Inner Pussy And Inner Tough Guy Meet

Image source: I feel inspired to write about this. True masculinity. What this means to me. I want to do it for all the men and women who are shamed in our society today but first and foremost I am doing it for Myself. As I’ve been immersed in this New Age spiritual culture … Read more