Image source: Private collection Roses are red, violets are blue My presence deepens when I look inside You Taking me, shaking me Painfully present, looking for clues Holding my heart Confiding in the dark I hold myself close My soul is dripping of love Hold me now Be with me Steer Yourself Eternally into the … Read more

Letting Go

Image source: Private collection Sometimes it’s hard to let go Step into the unknown Not knowing seems so uncomfortable Scratching under my skin So I breathe, breathe Breathe and let go One breath at a time Breathing is kind To Myself and others Am I just hurting Myself? An honest question to ask Because I … Read more

The Stars

Image source: The night sky kisses me Looking down on me Simply ready to learn Knowing is it’s virtue Star by star they fall Answering their call From within Destiny knocking on their door And so it begins Or ends No difference to them They are playing at the world’s end Humbled by the … Read more

My Feelings

Image source: Private collection The pain is real The desire, longing strong The illusion of not having it Even more vigorous I feel the energy rise Burning my insides Tightly gripping my being Greatly distorting my seeing Only when I surrender to the feeling The twilight starts gleaming Pouring in from all sources Love, the … Read more

The Fire

Image source: Private collection I sit in silence In silence with the fire and the rain Their soothing presence reminds me of the pain The good kind of pain The kind where it’s so beautiful I don’t want to let go And for a while I don’t have to The fire will burn and the … Read more

The Wind Blows

Image source: Private collection The Wind blows Such power, such might I surrender to it’s ferocity But underneath it all There’s a gentleness to it Holding me Caressing me Touching me softly As I feel the hair in the back of my neck rise Goosebumps! I’m reminded of the forces Forces beyond my control The … Read more


Image source: There is so much So much beauty in the world If I stop and listen Feel and ponder My heart goes boom! And it’s never the same again My dear friend It seems we are laughing at the world’s end Looking upon something that’s lasts an eternity All borders melt, identities vanish … Read more

Life’s Ever Flowing Current

Image source: It moves subtly It glides It has tides It confides Abides by the rules of the universe Timely Brutally honest Innocently happy You can choose to ride it Or elect to hide within it It will go on regardless Taking everything and everyone with it There’s a chance You might get burnt … Read more