Rewards From My Dreams

Image source: Private collection. Kalamaja, Tallinn, Estonia. Rightfully so, You can let go Of the tight grip twisting and turning in Your soul But oh, wait, can You feel the subtle taste of love? If not, I can raise the bar, it’s been dragging in the mud Suddenly I realize too far, living at large … Read more

Falling Into Service

Image source: Private collection. Blue Springs of Saula, Estonia. Sometimes I find myself in between Shattered old stories Building new ones Who’s the I? I ask Why is there a need for Myself to be identified? I can be strong without it I can be just as strong I can have character Wisdom Love Care … Read more

Part One

Image source: Obja village, Estonia. Private collection. How does if feel? To have everything Everything You’ve ever wanted Right there To be perfectly pleased with everything that is And still yearn for more For something else A deeper desire coming from a place unknown Rather a place unmapped Strong Yet intangible At first it feels … Read more

Sweet Saliva

Image source: The swamps of Estonia. Private collection. Underneath my tongue Sweet saliva My old companion My dear friend I’m reminded of Your importance And the fact that You are so unappreciated I’m finally here now To recognize Your devoted service Your precise signals And Your punctual attendance You have deep meaning That goes unnoticed … Read more

Meeting Life

Image source: Near lake Peipsi, Estonia. Private collection. Not knowing what life will bring You Can be a gift and a curse Becoming a master of the unknown A difficult and arduous task Road to mastery usually is And as You bow before the kingdom of heaven Make sure You share Your prayers with hell … Read more

Breathe for Peace

Image source: Private collection Are there other hearts out there? Fierce heart’s filled with passion With flames of freedom Dancing on the edges of their own power With fire burning in their belly Let’s do our best now Howl at the moon now Lower our head’s and bow You are asking me how? I’ll give … Read more

God’s Presence

Image source: Tip your toes in silence Wiggle them Get a sense of where You’re at Sprinkle on some presence to boot Stillness Shake it, shake it Revel in the sacredness of it Shout it But to Yourself From within From deep inside Salivate over the tastiness Of You Of finally arriving to Yourself … Read more

A Man’s Journey

Image source: Private collection There will come a time In a man’s life When everything feels like it’s Swept aside And his heart is full of pride Of love A need from within To deepen the quest given to him A sense of yearning Powerfully coursing through his veins A desire to create To hold … Read more


Image source: Private collection The silky touch of presence Never quite like this before Noticing the inherent Endings of all Death is timeless It lasts and demolishes the past Isn’t this time You ask No, just deep knowing of life As I sense into what is I can truly see Knowing life takes time Might … Read more