In Many Ways

Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash In many ways, Your life has a lot to do with shit. When You are a baby, others clean Your shit and wipe it. After that comes a really long period where You wipe Your own shit. At the same time, You are doing that, if You are lucky, You get … Read more

Talking Behind Someone Else’s Back

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash It comes from unreleased energy. Meaning somewhere, sometime You saw an injustice happen. Or You felt something was wrong and didn’t express that in a healthy way. And now, in order to release that tension, You let it out discussing and sometimes even saying mean things about the other person. There’s a … Read more

I Will Do My Best

Image source: Photo by GEORGE ALEXANDRU NOVAC on Unsplash Working towards togetherness When the laws in place say we should be individual Striving to new visions While the old ones are being provisioned What can one do? One man can go far With help from others Look at ourselves Can we change? So that we move towards growth, kindness, … Read more

About Judgments

Image source: Photo by mauro mora on Unsplash The moment I deem something unnecessary or wrong in my head I’m giving out a judgment. Nothing new about this. But in order for us to be more honest and open with ourselves, this has to be observed. Everyone one of us is at a different growth stage in our development. … Read more

The Desire To Grow

Image source: Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash The desire to go for the instant gratification or filling up the self is not actually bad. The place where it stings the most though is paradoxically the self again. What happens at that moment is the abandonment of the very essence of our being. This will hurt in the long … Read more

The Human Subconscious

Image source: Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash The human subconscious Is so rich, so powerful I’m in awe of it’s vastness My heart breaks a little Each time I think about The fact that I might not Get to know everything about it When I fall asleep I’m thankful for my dreams They give my life meaning And … Read more

Love And Hate Run The State

Image source: Photo by Michael on Unsplash Walk through the shadows Amidst the kings fallen beneath Your feet Taste their sorrow For the life, they could not live Embrace the darkness For light will certainly follow Someday Many teachings lie between the two For one Life doesn’t have to be this way We can choose Just be sure You … Read more


Image source: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash In my years I’ve found that the human experience is sometimes a tricky one to maneuver Always another layer of trauma A deeper place to explore and learn from The more I live, the more I find to live and love The destination is always evolving I can never quite catch … Read more

Inside And Out

Image source: Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash Stepping into this world Can seem cruel sometimes Hectic and fast the pace of life People moving at the speed of a bullet Cutting through with no regard for human life It will challenge all Your might Ask You questions You don’t have the answer to It makes You appreciate a … Read more