The Internet And New Technologies

Image source: Photo by CMDR Shane on Unsplash The internet has brought us the ability to share limitlessly. Within that happens teaching and learning, also limitlessly. This means that the value of almost every skill diminishes very quickly. This is required for our society to grow faster. And I don’t mean growing in numbers. I mean evolving as a … Read more

Yearning For

Image source: How to make sense of this? How, why, when? Everything turned upside down Let’s bring back to life Times of honour, love Sent from above I can do it quietly But there’s a fire in me Wanting to burst Cause I’ve seen how much this hurts Storming out the gates Of hell Wanting … Read more

Your Kingdom

Image source: Photo by Peter Spencer from Pexels From the hearts and minds of men The earth will we reborn again Gladly reawaken the tales of mystics Be a vessel for them to shine through Know Your place in the world Be it boy or a girl Or fully grown men or women Do Your … Read more

The Inner Workings of a Man

Image source: When the inner tension is pervasive The outer world seems to explode The energy with which we have to work with Is teaching us a humbling lesson Can’t hide from Myself Sometimes the reflection looking back Seems a little dark and full of hate In all honesty, I’m jousting with fate Can’t … Read more

The Human Experience

Image source: Photo by Kasuma from Pexels So delicate So fragile Like catching a snowflake with my tongue So gentle So rough Like putting my hands in the ground Soaking it up It could end in every moment Every moment could be the last Or the first Exploring it with curiosity and tenderness Opens … Read more

A Call

Image source: The birds and the bees Suddenly feel the need to flee As they can suddenly see The world is in dire need Let’s be who we came here to be Let’s do the work knees deep Seemingly hard to keep Still so I will take the leap Though the brink looks steep Now … Read more

A Different Agenda

Image source: Photo by Radu Andrei Razvan from Pexels I’m really getting tired not being able to live at my own pace It might seem like I’m getting tired of the human race That’s fortunately not the case Although I believe we have to end this God damn race With each other, with ourselves … Read more


Image source: There’s little time and space Between time and space The vast universe Craves to be diverse Lots of love in this place Fiery logs in the fireplace Watching the world go around Timeless in time the human race This will be our choice To either rise or fall Which ever one we … Read more

We Are

Image source: We are all fighting something, somewhere Fighting to stay alive Or fighting to get up in the morning These are very different fights But we all have something inherently in common We Are all Human It’s during hectic times like these in the world we and I tend to forget that A … Read more