My ode and appreciation for Scorpios! Scorpio Sun, Ascendant, Moon, Stellium

You Scorpios can really lose Yourselves within the depth of Your own being, in Your pain. The emotional ups and downs are a lot to take sometimes. I decided I’ve been focusing too much on the difficult side of Scorpios, and wanted to remind You guys how awesome You actually are! This is my ode … Read more

How past fears mindfuck Scorpios from doing the things they actually want?

I just can’t stop making videos about Scorpios and their pain. I can’t stop, I won’t stop… The inspiration behind this video was in an interaction I had with a person under my video’s comments. Tired of endless transformation? Past “failures” have a hold on You? Think everything is going to come crashing down again? … Read more

Are You scared of people eating Your food? – Venus, Moon, Pluto in Scorpio

Get triggered every time someone eats “the thing You really wanted to eat”? Need to “control the fridge”? Eat fast and rapidly because “You are afraid someone else will come and eat it”? You might be re-experiencing childhood trauma again and again. In this deeper video, I dissect a real-life story of a person I … Read more

Material Possessions and Defining Yourself Through Them – Scorpio stellium (with Venus)

A person came to me scared about their material things/possessions. It had gotten so bad that they didn’t want to have people over because they were afraid that they will abuse their apartment and valuables. And they will get broken = lose it’s value. They were also yelling and screaming at their spouse because whenever … Read more

Astrological Report 9th of April, 2020. SCORPIO Moon!

This is a general astrological report on the 9th of April, 2020. I picked the most important influences and how they should affect us during this difficult time. For some of the bigger influences still in effect please go and listen/read to my previous daily reports here: Let’s start with the Moon this time because it … Read more

Pluto’s Negative and Positive Manifestations and Being the Ruler of Scorpio

Image source: Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash Most astrologer’s credit Mars with the rulership of the sign Scorpio. In my experiences with my own life and observing the lives of others, I can now see that it’s actually Pluto who rules the sign Scorpio. Or the constellation of Scorpio if You wish. About Pluto’s energy. The energy of … Read more