Misconceptions in modern astrology and Mercury retrograde. How to make the best of this misunderstood period?

Image by code404 from Pixabay In modern astrology, Mercury retrograde is handled quite plainly. Meaning, it is mostly considered an annoying occurrence that creates havoc and problems for us down here on earth. I’m generalizing and aware of this but this is the mainstream understanding of it. And although true to some extent, this requires much deeper analysis … Read more

BTC Astrological overview for 31.01–07.02.2021

Photo by Pierre Borthiry on Unsplash Originally posted on Twitter. Not financial advice. A thread and summary for BTC for the week of 31.01–07.02.2021. I focused on BTC natal chart mostly with some general examples of things going on. As everyone is celebrating the GME victory as a definite win etc for the small guys, the war is … Read more

Uranus, Saturn cycle, and the financial markets

Image by Sebastian Flegl from Pixabay Originally a Twitter thread. Not financial advice! A thread on the Saturn Uranus square 2021–2023, about the economy, legacy markets, BTC. This is the first time in BTC history this square is taking place. The last time we saw the same square was during the 2000 .com bubble. This already gives us an … Read more

The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius 2020. And What Will it Bring For 2021 and Beyond…

Image by Neha Rustagi from Pixabay The year 2021 actually starts within 2020, with the conjunction of the two giants in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct in the sign of Aquarius on the 21st of December, 2020. The most intriguing part of this meeting is the sign they are meeting in, Aquarius. Every twenty years … Read more

Pluto Square And/Or Opposition Moon. Or From Emotional Manipulation To Emotional Power.

Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay The following article will explain the meaning of the difficulty of the hard aspects between Moon and Pluto. Or Pluto square and opposition with the Moon. This applies to a native that has these aspects natally or by transit. The bringer of transformation and death Pluto is most probably the … Read more

MARS Retrograde 2020! Time To Bring Out The Inner WARRIOR!

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay Although, most people are hoping for quick correction and “getting back to normal” one of the most intense periods (I know it’s been super intense, how can it get even crazier? I will tell You that in a second) is just around the corner. The planet of war, aggression, and violence (among other … Read more

The Difficult Energy Of Scorpio

One of the most difficult energies to deal with is the Scorpio energy. Wherever You have it in Your birth chart. Especially if it’s Your Sun, Moon or Ascendant. The conundrum of this energy is that at Your core (or subconsciously) You want to feel so, so deeply. And at the same time, You are … Read more

7 SINS Through The Lens Of ASTROLOGY

Photo by 🇻🇪 Jose G. Ortega Castro 🇲🇽 on Unsplash Everything in this reality of ours is energy. Different things or people have different kinds of energy. The planets in our solar system also have different kinds of energy to them. They represent some of higher virtues we know as humans. But also the sinful side of us … Read more

Your KARMA For The Next 1,5 YEARS! Developments in BUSINESS And Society! North Node In Gemini, And South Node In Sagittarius. Personal PREDICTIONS!

Photo by dorota dylka on Unsplash General overview of the period There are two very karmic bodies in our solar system. In Vedic astrology, they are called Rahu — The Dragon’s Head, and Ketu — The Dragon’s Tail. In modern astrology, they are called the North Node and the South Node respectively. In very simple terms, Rahu is … Read more