Astrology – The Science Of Energy

Image source: Photo by Jake Hills on Unsplash I have learned that everything in this universe is energy. And different things have different kinds of energy about them. Even different days. Astrology is an interpretation of that energy. In this article, we will look at the Moon cycle. A cycle that greatly affects our day to day life. These … Read more

Living With And Through A Transit Of Uranus In The 7th House

Image source: The following article describes the emotional state when experiencing Uranus transit on the 7th house. It will also give examples of real-life situations. First, we need to understand what the 7th house in astrology represents. The main focus of the house in my experience is relationships. Committed relationships, partnerships, business partnerships, the first … Read more

The Constant Rebirth Or Living With Pluto In The First House

Image source: Having this placement in Your birth chart literally feels like constant dying and rebirth. You are either in the process of dying or being reborn. Which from my own personal experience can be quite challenging. To understand this better we must understand what the 1st house in astrology represents. The 1st house in … Read more

Slaves To The Energies That Surround Us

Image source: Full disclosure! The title of this piece is meant to draw Your attention to it. Some people have popularized the term “click-bait”, this applies here as well. During my recent exploration into the field of astrology, it has become clear to me how much we as humans are influenced by the energies … Read more