On Death

Image source: My private collection. Tallinn, Estonia. If You continue to look at death straight in it’s face You will break regardless If You happen to experience the bright side of life on some days In between this constant dying There might be periods of lighter existence But don’t be fooled, death will catch You … Read more

Knowing Nothing and Everything

Image source: http://www.insgrum.com/media/867650128743896764_676646668 I’ve been thinking lately… What if I forgot all the spiritual and not spiritual wisdom I’ve accumulated over the years, what would happen? How would I make my decisions then? How would I approach situations then? The problem with knowledge and wisdom gotten from the outside is that it’s actually someone else’s … Read more

A Deeper Commitment

Image source: My private collection. Estonia, Tallinn. One of the strongest commitments to make Is the one we make to oneself This is the only true commitment we can actually make during this lifetime After making these commitments You really have to look at Yourself Because this type of powerful energy sent into consciousness has … Read more