Lineage energies

Image source: I want to talk about something I’ve been watching lately in my own life and the lives of others. Lineage energies. What do I define as lineage energies? Energies that have been in a specific family’s dynamics for generations. I’ll give You a couple of examples. Let’s say Your great-great-grandfather was learning … Read more

Your Man

Image source: A painting from my collection. I want to be Your man Not Your therapist or girlfriend I want You Not the shallow ideas and mind games I trust You That You can take care of Yourself I want to be there for You With all Your depth I want deep meaning I know … Read more

Love Me

Image source: Private collection Love me Truly Love me Deeply Fill me Openly Thrill me Suddenly Sit with me Quietly Depend on me Lovingly Nurture me Willingly I will take You As You With deep emotion Ian Altosaar

An Ode to You

Image source: I just love Your curves They ooze of sex The way You move Damn it, You make me drool Bounce, bounce From side to side What a ride! Being with You takes time I hope You know How much I appreciate You Love fills my lungs And I sing with my tongue … Read more


Image source: Private collection Roses are red, violets are blue My presence deepens when I look inside You Taking me, shaking me Painfully present, looking for clues Holding my heart Confiding in the dark I hold myself close My soul is dripping of love Hold me now Be with me Steer Yourself Eternally into the … Read more

What About?

Image source: Obja village, West-Virumaa, Estonia. Private collection. What about us? What about everything? What about being held? What about feeling? Feeling so strongly Feeling so deeply Taking a piece of someone Into Your heart That You become them Are them Feel them Become Yourself With all the love I have to give, Ian Altosaar


Image source: Laced with misunderstanding The way I look at You The way I feel You Is somewhat creepy Deeply subdued In my subconscious The pattern Of push and pull I can see it now I can feel into it now I’m doing my best to surrender to it But the echo of it … Read more