Image source: All of You Every little part The way You brush Your hair behind Your ear The moody noises You make I’m amazed by sheer capacity of You Such character Deep emotion Commitment and heart You make me smile Doing my best to find All there is behind Those big luscious eyes Watching … Read more

Lineage energies

Image source: I want to talk about something I’ve been watching lately in my own life and the lives of others. Lineage energies. What do I define as lineage energies? Energies that have been in a specific family’s dynamics for generations. I’ll give You a couple of examples. Let’s say Your great-great-grandfather was learning … Read more

Your Man

Image source: A painting from my collection. I want to be Your man Not Your therapist or girlfriend I want You Not the shallow ideas and mind games I trust You That You can take care of Yourself I want to be there for You With all Your depth I want deep meaning I know … Read more

Love Me

Image source: Private collection Love me Truly Love me Deeply Fill me Openly Thrill me Suddenly Sit with me Quietly Depend on me Lovingly Nurture me Willingly I will take You As You With deep emotion Ian Altosaar

An Ode to You

Image source: I just love Your curves They ooze of sex The way You move Damn it, You make me drool Bounce, bounce From side to side What a ride! Being with You takes time I hope You know How much I appreciate You Love fills my lungs And I sing with my tongue … Read more


Image source: Private collection Roses are red, violets are blue My presence deepens when I look inside You Taking me, shaking me Painfully present, looking for clues Holding my heart Confiding in the dark I hold myself close My soul is dripping of love Hold me now Be with me Steer Yourself Eternally into the … Read more

What About?

Image source: Obja village, West-Virumaa, Estonia. Private collection. What about us? What about everything? What about being held? What about feeling? Feeling so strongly Feeling so deeply Taking a piece of someone Into Your heart That You become them Are them Feel them Become Yourself With all the love I have to give, Ian Altosaar


Image source: Laced with misunderstanding The way I look at You The way I feel You Is somewhat creepy Deeply subdued In my subconscious The pattern Of push and pull I can see it now I can feel into it now I’m doing my best to surrender to it But the echo of it … Read more