Make it simple = an easy way to create more purpose in Your life through astrology

One of the things I constantly see is people grasping for more difficult and “advanced” techniques. In all areas of life but also in astrology. Without really looking and using the simple things that are right there for us to use. Purpose and meaning in life is a big theme for many. Some have given … Read more

How Aspects Work = A Mini-Lesson in Astrology

Photo by Giorgi Iremadze on Unsplash For those new to astrology and learning aspects, I put together a practical example of how these things can work and manifest in the real world. How aspects work — a mini-lesson in astrology and a thread. Using Sun in the 11th house natally and Saturn transiting the 5th house. Thus, sending … Read more

A story of suffering, self-destruction, and liberation

Photo by Gaurav Joshi on Unsplash Before You let anyone convince You (especially Yourself!) that Your life is set in stone 100% and astrology or Your chart is 100% set in stone, as well as that we don’t have any free will (and You can’t change Your circumstances), here’s a hopefully inspiring story. About 8–9 years ago I … Read more

Astrology vs the real world? The real world = astrology?

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash I used to think astrology was some sort of fortune cookie type shit people read to feel good or better about themselves. I didn’t see it as valuable at all. On the contrary, I saw it as an illusion, a deception. Approximately 9 years ago I was asking some … Read more

Venus in opposition or square to Saturn and/or Uranus — challenges and troubles in Your love life

Photo by Shelby Deeter on Unsplash First of all, I get how much this hurts in Your relationships and partnerships. Been there and done that. These are not the easiest configurations to be dealing with on a daily basis. I feel Ya. People who got really hard hit by this were born during the end of July and … Read more

Trading with astrology — Your personal aspects and the importance of them during trades

Photo by Marga Santoso on Unsplash A short post on personal aspects while trading. Reminder, research is still ongoing, or always ongoing. These are things I have picked up on during approx. 3 years while following these and executing trades (not a full-time trader). Positive personal aspects (Jupiter and Venus related or even Mercury, Sun, etc., and trines, … Read more

Misconceptions in modern astrology and Mercury retrograde. How to make the best of this misunderstood period?

Image by code404 from Pixabay In modern astrology, Mercury retrograde is handled quite plainly. Meaning, it is mostly considered an annoying occurrence that creates havoc and problems for us down here on earth. I’m generalizing and aware of this but this is the mainstream understanding of it. And although true to some extent, this requires much deeper analysis … Read more

BTC Astrological overview for 31.01–07.02.2021

Photo by Pierre Borthiry on Unsplash Originally posted on Twitter. Not financial advice. A thread and summary for BTC for the week of 31.01–07.02.2021. I focused on BTC natal chart mostly with some general examples of things going on. As everyone is celebrating the GME victory as a definite win etc for the small guys, the war is … Read more

Uranus, Saturn cycle, and the financial markets

Image by Sebastian Flegl from Pixabay Originally a Twitter thread. Not financial advice! A thread on the Saturn Uranus square 2021–2023, about the economy, legacy markets, BTC. This is the first time in BTC history this square is taking place. The last time we saw the same square was during the 2000 .com bubble. This already gives us an … Read more