Attention and Wanting to be Seen

Image source: I have a confession to make. I want attention. A huge part of that desire or want is the simple equation attention = money. Or at least that’s how to perceive it. If You have other people’s attention it’s easier to make money. Wanting attention itself is not a bad thing. It is … Read more

The Dance of Life

Image source: The death of a moment can break Your heart It can remind You all that was And it’s gone Life on this planet can seem cruel With all the little deaths happening all at once Only when we have time to reflect upon them We can see life in it as well All … Read more

Knowing More

Image source: My life for the last five years has been constant death with small windows of life in between deaths. This has been at the same time one of the most hardest and most beautiful times of my life. Image source: I’ve lost many people, they have died or left or I … Read more

Keep Going

Image source: What troubles Your soul? The belonging Of which You have known Growing Although not complete Is a journey Towards discovery, forever Incomplete Dear God Look into my eyes and see The strength and perseverance I am a good boy, You must see Torn still by the temptress of gold Becoming holy, why … Read more

Fears, Meditation and Dying

Image source: Recently I’ve been obsessed with death, dying of old parts of myself. There is a very simple reason for this. Dying of those parts, fears that have lived inside of me for so long has provided me with the freedom I’ve longed for such an extended period of time. In a way … Read more

A Scary Proposition

Image source: My private collection. Estonia, Kumna village, near Keila. Everything that I’ve ever written I have written for myself Every poem, all the teachings They are for me It’s very selfish You see I’m learning as I go here It’s trial and error Pain and joy Disbelief and hope And everything in between My … Read more

In Communion With Spirit

Image source: Although I’m a big advocate and believe communing with the spiritual realm is essential part of the human experience, Spirit does not have all the answers. Why is that? Because it is all a matter of potentials. Potential for world war or spiritual/intellectual/technological utopia. Or something in between. This is where humans … Read more

It’s not the way that I want it. It’s just the way that I need it. Day after day.

Image source: My private collection. The view outside when I woke up today. As I woke up today these words with a certain melody were going through my head “It’s not the way that I want it. It’s just the way that I need it. Day after day.” I couldn’t remember exactly whose song it … Read more

Nobody Cares About You

Image source: My private collection. Me doing funny faces and drinking fancy lemonade at a hipster restaurant in Pärnu, Estonia. The restaurant itself is called Supelsaksad. I don’t have any connection to the restaurant other than I loved our visit there and the food was absolutely delicious. You should go and visit them if You … Read more