Saturn in the 9th House or Sagittarius – in The Natal chart or by Transit


Saturn, the planet of discipline, structure, and responsibility, plays a vital role in the world of astrology. When it finds itself in the 9th house or conjunct the 9th house cusp, its impact on an individual’s life can be profound. In this blog post, I will delve into the meaning and implications of having Saturn … Read more

Saturn in the 8th House or Scorpio – in The Natal chart or by Transit

Do You have a deep and underlying fear of death? Even talking about the subject triggers Your core? You might have Saturn in the 8th house. Why? The 8th house is ALL about the deeper things in life – as well as death. While Saturn brings its usual – fear, blockages, difficulties, and practical efforts. … Read more

Saturn in the 6th House or Virgo – in The Natal chart or by Transit

Saturn, the planet of difficulties, work, and responsibility, in the 6th house of daily routine and work (important to remember this connection!), can indicate a strong sense of duty and practicality in one’s daily life and work. This placement can bring a sense of seriousness and maturity to one’s approach to daily tasks and responsibilities. … Read more

✨From control to freedom! June 2022 Astro!✨#superfullmoon #saturnretrograde #mundaneastrology

In this monthly astrological overview of the month of June, 2022: Narcissists vs empaths = how to protect Yourself and fight back? Saturn retrograde = about restrictions, interest rates, and working towards Your dreams gradually. Neptune retrograde = illusions we pull over our heads. Full Moon in Sagittarius = into addiction or healing? The choices … Read more

Astrology also translates the darker or uglier side of humanity

Astrology also translates the darker or uglier side of humanity. It’s not all sun shines, rainbows, beaches, and unicorns on planet earth. We are currently in the low end of a bigger cycle mapped out by the great Andre Barbault. Which in earthly terms means = economic turmoil, war, conflict, riots, systems not working, restructuring … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – Weekly Astro/Intuitive Overview for April 3 – April 9, 2022

In this week’s episode: We discuss the synonyms for the word “segue” (a very important word in the world of podcasting). Spice Girls and other pop-culture references. Taking action in our lives as humans (Aries energy). How I broke my foot last time Mars and Saturn were conjunct in the sky. Short overview of the … Read more

A NO JOKE April Fool’s New Moon! Loaded Aries 2022 Astrology!

Covered in this monthly overview: Transforming and letting go of deeper wounds = South node in Scorpio. Healing the masculine and inner warrior within ourselves = New Moon in Aries. Escalation of conflict, aggression, rising above difficulty, putting in practical efforts in the face of adversity = Saturn and Mars conjunction. Blind faith doesn’t get … Read more

Our wounds and the choices we make because of them- Saturn conjunct the Sun, Pluto, 8th house

Sabotaging Yourself in relationships? In career? As soon as an opportunity presents itself, You go straight into fear or trauma reactions? And end up making up excuses for Yourself and others why “You can’t do it”? That nice dude or dudette asks You out = You freeze and come up with an “white lie”? Someone … Read more

Weekly Astrological and Intuitive overview – February 27 – March 6, 2022

With the build up of the triple conjunction of Mars, Venus, and Pluto, as well as the harder conjunction between Saturn and Mercury, things can seem quite bleak at the beginning of the week. Fear on the markets, fear on the streets = fear in our minds. The tension in our relationships (business and/or pleasure) … Read more