How I Ruined My Thoughts With Only Thinking Like a Capitalist

Image source: Photo by Vladislav Reshetnyak from Pexels I mostly like capitalism. I like the freedom that was embedded in this system initially. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. People got too much power and started misusing that power. Nature does not like this, now things have to change. We need a new system. … Read more

Feeling a Lot

Image source: Photo by Daniel Frank from Pexels We want to feel so much that we are even ready to sabotage ourselves. Meaning sometimes when we can’t feel what’s going on for us we deliberately go in the direction we subconsciously know will hurt us. Sometimes that desire can come from just the inability to … Read more

Being a Man

Image source: Photo by naveen gariya from Pexels I’ve disappointed many people during my lifetime. But the person I’ve let down the most is myself. My heart has been broken into a million pieces and I’ve had to put it together many times. You see none of those other people really matter that much, … Read more

Good and Bad Desires? Or Neither?

Image source: All desires are not good desires. But they are not bad. What I mean by that is that You don’t have to go towards each desire, You can choose. Choose to allow that desire to be. Because under that desire there is a need. A need to feel something. Be it freedom … Read more

The Constant Rebirth Or Living With Pluto In The First House

Image source: Having this placement in Your birth chart literally feels like constant dying and rebirth. You are either in the process of dying or being reborn. Which from my own personal experience can be quite challenging. To understand this better we must understand what the 1st house in astrology represents. The 1st house in … Read more

The Goodness of Mankind

Image source: Accepting Your chosen path or destiny if You will, can be quite challenging. Working with dense energy seems sometimes harsh and misguided. Often all we have to take us through is the knowing that hopefully, this will all make sense one day. And all of our gifts will reveal themselves when most necessary. … Read more

The Origin Of Every Judgement

Image source: The last six years of my life have been at the same time very humbling and empowering. Many things have happened, new ways of being with myself and new ways of understanding this reality we call our home. An emotional journey through the self and consciousness. A wild ride to say the … Read more

A Simple Revolution

Image source: By now a lot of people have realized that we hold the power. Meaning everything we put our energy into is created in the real world. And by energy I mean, thought, money, action etc. Also we have understood that many people who are in places of power use it poorly. How … Read more

A Much Needed Commodity In The Marketplace Today

Image source: Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels Listening. We need more listeners. And not passive listeners, very active listeners. True listening is a very active act. Because in those moments when another person is expressing themselves, many things happen in our minds, souls, bodies. We might get triggered, we might disagree or agree, … Read more

Slaves To The Energies That Surround Us

Image source: Full disclosure! The title of this piece is meant to draw Your attention to it. Some people have popularized the term “click-bait”, this applies here as well. During my recent exploration into the field of astrology, it has become clear to me how much we as humans are influenced by the energies … Read more